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State Seal of Oklahoma

Whereas, on September 16, 1893, people came from around the world to stake their claim for land. The race for the Cherokee Strip was the largest, most competitive event in history; and

Whereas, this land, on the far east corner of the Strip, was designated on that day in 1893 as Q County. A year later, April 16, 1894, the land would officially be called Pawnee County, named in honor of the proud Pawnee Tribe; and

Whereas, the towns and communities of Pawnee County are today: Blackburn, Cleveland, Hallett, Jennings, Lela, Maramec, Pawnee, Quay, Ralston, Terlton and Westport; and

Whereas, in 1994, 100 years after first being named Pawneee County, a day long celebration and parade was held to commemorate that historical anniversary, and

Whereas, on May 30, 1994, Pawnee County History was buried on the courthouse square in a time capsule, to be opened by the young members of the county in 50 years, April 16, 2044; and

Whereas, on March 23, 1979, a small group organized the Pawnee County Historical Society, and have since devoted their time and effort in researching and preserving the history of this piece of the Cherokee Strip; and

Whereas, on March 23, 1999, the Pawnee County Historical Society celebrates its 20th Anniversary. There will be parade to start the celebration, ribbon cutting ceremony to open the doors, the grand opening of the new Historical Museum and the new Dick Tracy headquarters.

Now Therefore, I, Frank Keating, Governor of the State of Oklahoma, do hereby proclaim March 23, 1999 as


in the State of Oklahoma.

In Witness Whereof, have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma to be affixed.
The Seal of Oklahoma

Done at the Capitol, in the City of Oklahoma City, this 3rd day of  March, in the Year of Our Lord, one thousand, nine hundred and   ninety-nine, and of the State of Oklahoma the  ninety-first year.

s/ Tom Cole,
Secretary of State
  s/ Frank Keating, Governor


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